About Me

Juan Tain Varela gained practical experience in the manufacturing sector at firms in Brazil and Canada that include industries spanning from renewable energy to pulp and paper products. After a childhood in Spain, early work experience in Brazil, and a year of university education in the United States, Varela moved to Canada in 2019 and is currently a self-employed Digital Marketing Specialist living in Toronto, Ontario.

Travels and Experiences Spanning Three Continents

A native of Cáceres in the Extremadura of Spain, Juan Tain Varela learned to love the natural beauty of the area where he lived near the Tagus, the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula. As he completed his Spanish high school diploma (Bachillerato) in 2007, he planned to attend the University of Extremadura. His plans changed, however, that summer when his father's firm reassigned his dad to their forest and paper processing facilities in the state of Maranhão in Brazil.

For the next two years, Varela had an opportunity to learn best practices in industrial engineering at one of the largest pulp and paper manufacturing areas in Brazil. He also enrolled in general education and engineering courses at Universidade Estadual do Maranhão, the state university headquartered in Maranhão's capital city, São Luís. He took an immediate interest in finance courses and had his earliest exposure to the potential of internet-based and digital marketing initiatives while taking classes.

Varela spent the summer of 2007 interning with his father's company and much of the period from October 2007 through March 2009 being mentored by a Brasilian-Canadian national who lived in São Luís. During this time, Varela took online courses to improve his English-language proficiency. In early 2009, he applied for admission as a transient student at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida, and successfully obtained an Academic Student (F-1) Visa for classes beginning in the fall of 2009.

Prior to moving to Florida to attend FIU, during the summer of 2009, Juan Tain Varela traveled to Canada with his mentor under an extended visitor visa. He spent nearly 3 months living at his mentor's Ontario residence in Mississauga, near Toronto. His time in Canada gave him an opportunity to learn how international business policies influenced trade between Canada and South American nations, an area he continued to focus on while enrolled at FIU during the 2009-2010 academic year.

While living in the vibrant international community of South Florida, Varela witnessed the strong connections that exist between this area, Brazil and other regions of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the long-established bonds between Florida and Canada. Although Varela did not complete a degree in his studies in Maranhão and at FIU, he spent much of his time outside of the classroom witnessing the incredible expansion of digital marketing opportunities during the beginning of the 2010s.

Exploring New Initiatives in World's Most Diverse City

Juan Tain Varela returned to Brazil and held various positions in the manufacturing sector for firms that focused on renewable energy and sustainability in the Amazon region, as well as a large pulp and paper business with plants in this region. With the sponsorship of his mentor, Varela received permission to enter Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program for Ontario in 2019. While pursuing citizenship, he worked for his mentor's firm in its Mississauga office while living in the Downsview area of Toronoto.

Since moving to Canada, Varela has successfully completed Microsoft certifications in Outlook and Excel, as well as the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate and Google Analytics Individual Qualification. He currently works as a self-employed Digital Marketing Specialist who consults with multinational firms engaged in the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Hobbies, Interests, and Causes

When not focused on his professional pursuits, Juan Varela (known as "John" to many clients) enjoys travel. Recently, he visited New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, where he witnessed the incredible tidal cycles of the Bay of Fundy. He also visited the Canadian Rockies and experienced the natural beauty of Banff National Park.

In addition to his lifelong love of soccer,Varela has become a passionate hockey fan.

Varela's current charitable interests include donations to the Wikimedia Foundation, Jewish General Hospital, and Lets Stop Aids Foundation.

Education and Language Skills

⦁ Bachillerato (Spanish Baccalaureate), equivalent to an International Baccalaureate high school diploma in the United States. Varela graduated with this credential in 2007.

⦁ Universidade Estadual do Maranhão (Maranhão, Brazil). One year of general studies in the Basic Studies and Engineering Studies units (2008-2009): 8 courses completed, no degree.

⦁ Florida International University (Miami, Florida). Two semesters (September 2011-May 2012): 32 semester hours, no degree.

⦁ Spanish. Native Proficiency

⦁ English. Native / Bilingual Proficiency

⦁ Canadian French. Limited Working Proficiency

⦁ Brazilian Portuguese. Native / Bilingual Proficiency

Professional Training and Certifications

⦁ Google Analytics Individual Qualification. Successfully mastered exam in October 2021.

⦁ Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. Obtained through Coursera, 2020.

⦁ Exam MO-201: Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019). Successfully mastered exam in July 2019.

⦁ Exam MO-400: Microsoft Outlook (Outlook and Outlook 2019). Successfully mastered exam in March 2019.


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